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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coops #16-#20, near the Whole Foods Market ticket site:

16.  New on the Tour in 2010!  Meander through winding garden paths to a private bamboo glade to discover our coop. Along the way, enjoy fountains, fishponds, welcoming decks and a garden house. Our chickens, (Redcaps, Silver-laced Wyandottes, Dominiques, and Dorkings), enjoy an airy coop that is built with reclaimed doors, windows, architectural elements, an antique chandelier, and a columned canopy. A special home for our special girls.  A member of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy ( will be on site to share information about this organization and its mission to conserve rare breeds and genetic diversity in livestock.

17.  New on the Tour in 2010!  With the current economic and political conditions that surround us, I have dubbed my girls’ home “ECONOMIC PROPOSITION”. This coop was constructed from future landfill waste materials collected from internet searches and project leftovers. Very little material was purchased during my initial venture and I continue my pursuit for others looking for “green” coops. We securely house seven hens: black Australorps, silver laced Wyandottes, a Buff Orpington, a Golden and a Silver-laced Polish Top Hat. Our girls seem very content with their coop/pen, the environment, and dog Tarren. They are his “girls” and work too. This year’s garden will thrive for and because of our “girls”; the eggs are just a residual of the fun and enjoyment that they bring us. “Chicken people”, although diversified within their own lifestyles; share a very common and simple bond. They all want a part of a simple way of life. Chickens bring that to our lives.

18.  Come and see our frontyard chicken coop! After all, chickens are nothing to be ashamed of! We have two Greek goddesses - Hestia, a black Sex-link, and Athena, a Barred Rock, two French Araucanas, Ginger and Felicity, and Boss, our American Delaware. They have provided all our eggs for the last three years and they are free to roam the back yard when we are home. Having them has been fun for the kids who are now vegetarians - never underestimate chickens’ influences! You can also see our photosensitive door that allows us to get up later than chickens.

19.  Exotic hens from Down Under!! Black Australorps, some with legendary "rainbow tails" fanning out above lovely green-sheen backsides. Ruffled Feather Farm features one-on-one interviews with Caution (aka Yellowtail), alpha girl who demands food for the flock and sounds the alarm at hawk's approach. Also, gotta love the free chicken, uh … manure.

20.  New on the Tour in 2010!  Our six hens are happy in a brand new coop! We are back on the tour after a year of rebuilding our home and theirs. We keep two of each: Barred Rock, Black Star and Araucana, who have plenty of sun and shade and table scraps. They keep us happy and healthy with their eggs - a rainbow of colors each day! Come see how fun and easy it is to keep chickens.