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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coops #12-#15, near Dr. Andreaus' ticket site:

12.  Who knows what lurks behind the fences and hedges of Five Points? Bottle trees and urban chickens! Our back yard is the home (for two years now) of Rose-Combed Leghorns, a feisty little Easter Egger, and a couple of beautiful Brahmas. All are Bantams with names and have added eggs, fertilizer and entertainment to our lives. It makes us laugh to hear them greet the morning and with wine glass in hand, we watch the “going up into the coop” ritual several times a week. It’s great to have chickens in our world!

13.  New on the Tour in 2010!  Come visit the Elks Lodge for Wayward Hens. Loretta Hen, is the matriarch, a feather-footed Brahma bantam who traveled with us to/from Colorado in a small car with two dogs, one cat, and all our belongings needed for 6 months. We also have Belgian d'Anvers, small only in stature, these birds were once show chickens. Our Buff Orpingtons are our steady egg layers. The largest but also the sweetest hens of the bunch - they are our gentle giants. The flock loves the company of people, as much as oatmeal and banana treats, so please come visit.

14.  New on the Tour in 2010!  Bahama-Mamas! We wanted to give our four silver-laced Wyandottes a Caribbean home so we built our girls a simple blue "lean-to" with green trim around the window. The hardware cloth flooring allows the droppings to drop, allowing easy cleanup under the roost for composting. A side door provides access for relatively easy egg retrieval (depending on the mood of our girls). A window box adorns the outside with seasonal flowers. Lucy, Amy and Mabel have no complaints about the coop, but Clara complains about everything!

15.  We have made great use of what was an overgrown, unused narrow side yard and have four beautiful hens (three different breeds) in a large run nestled outside our master bath windows and between our house and our neighbors. A six foot tall privacy fence and hedges give our chickens privacy! Our girls are two years old now, a Barred Plymouth Rock, Dominique, and two Silver-laced Wyandottes. They provide fabulous eggs and great compost for our organic vegetable gardens and large perennial beds. Our girls are wonderful pets too; each with their own personalities: Ida, Gladys, Polly, and Della are named after strong Southern women in our ancestry.