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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coops #5-#6, near the Ornamentea ticket site:

5.  The chickens scratch and peck while dogs rest in the yard, side by side. We started with two chickens, three years ago, and are now up to ten. We love our chickens and my eight-year-old son is our "chicken specialist". Living downtown, people are often surprised by the chickens roaming around in our yard, but that is what makes them happy, and the dogs protect the chickens from the hawks, so we are all happy.

6.  New on the Tour in 2010!  This open-air coop was designed to permit maximum ventilation and observation of the chickens. Situated in a child-friendly organic garden, the coop currently houses three birds but can accommodate up to six. The hens have access to a protected run during the day-time. An additional hen door allows the family to create temporary, unprotected runs around the garden as the seasons change.