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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Coops #1-#4, near the CupAJoe ticket site in Mission Valley Shopping Center:

1.  New on the Tour in 2010!  This backyard chicken heaven features a greenhouse-chicken yard connection, easy egg access, beautiful birds and natural perches. Our six-year-old boy is a champion chicken catcher (his favorite hen is Rosa). We also keep bees for honey and pollination. Visiting kids who are well supervised by accompanying adults will find lots of fun stuff to do.

2.  Our current line-up includes one rooster and three Buff Orpington hens. While keeping a rooster does present some challenges, we are hoping to be rewarded with beautiful, fluffy chicks this summer! Our chickens enjoy free ranging in our back yard and get along great with our cat and dog.

3.  New on the Tour in 2010!  We have six hens and fine gardens. Our black Australorps, Buff Orpingtons, and brown/black Ameraucanas will be well brushed and have clean feet. We get 4 brown eggs and 2 pastel green eggs each day. Enjoy some lemonade and chicken artwork.

4.  New on the Tour in 2010!  Two years ago we heard about the Tour d’Coop and we went to investigate what type of crazy people had chickens in their downtown Raleigh back yards! Now we are proud to be counted among those people. We have six girls, about a year and a half old: two Buff Orpingtons, two Barred Rocks, one Rhode Island Red, and one Wyandotte. The hens are very friendly, at times ranging freely in the back yard. Their coop is an extension of the shed and its color matches our house. Neighbors often drop by to say hi to the girls.